Deburring & Levelling

We use a wide range of modern technologies to efficiently level and deburr parts. The ARKU deburring and levelling line with automatic robotic loading and unloading enables us to deburr, round the edges on both sides and level parts in a high-performance way. Our deburring and levelling equipment is complemented by a 400 t HRL levelling press, a GECAM deburring machine and manual deburring.

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Deburring & Levelling | INFINITY GROUP a.s.
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ARKU deburring + levelling station with automatic robotic loading

3 machines from the German manufacturer ARKU assembled into a production line (Edgebreaker 4000 / Edgebreaker 5000 / Flatmaster 88).

Removal of slags from the underside of metal parts.

High-performance deburring and double-sided edge rounding of laser, plasma and oxygen cut parts.

The FlatMaster flattening parts leveling machine produces flat stamped, laser-cut and plasma-cut parts almost entirely free of internal stresses in a matter of seconds.

SmartEdge function to reduce compressed edges.

Maximum thickness of material to be deburred 100 mm
Maximum thickness of flattened material 24 mm
Operating width 1 300 – 2 000 mm
rovnaci_lis_hrl_400-infinity_group | INFINITY GROUP a.s.

Levelling press HRL 400

The HRL 400 press is designed for levelling metal parts, weld assemblies and profiles.

Machine size (w x d) 2 000 x 6 000 mm
Levelling stroke 700 mm
Levelling force 4 000 kN
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GECAM deburring line

The GECAM deburring line was designed to deburr metal from burnt material and slag using abrasive belts.

It can also round edges with rotary grinding brushes. The line is manually operated at input and output by automatic conveyors.

Operating width 1 300 mm
Workpiece thickness 0,5 – 170 mm
Workpiece width 45 – 1 300 mm
Recommended piece length min. 340 mm
Max. weight of the piece on the conveyor belt 250 kg

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