Our production plant is equipped with technologies for both robotic and manual welding. The robotic welding line with CLOOS and COMAU robots enables the production of weldments for construction, mining and rail vehicles. The YASKAWA robotic welding workstation is designed for welding medium to small subassemblies.

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Welding line with CLOOS welding robot, COMAU welding robot and COMAU handling robot

The CLOOS COMAU robotic welding line is designed to produce weldments for structural, mining and rail vehicles:

  • Welding robot CLOOS QRC 350-E with tandem welding and preheating
  • COMAU welding robot
  • COMAU manipulation robot.

Measuring and calibration station.

Quick-change system SCHUNK Vero-S for clamping weld subassemblies on positioners.

Maximum dimension of weldments 4 000 mm
Maximum weight of welded subassemblies 500 kg
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Robotic welding workstation YASKAWA

The robotic welding workplace is designed for welding subassemblies of parts for rail vehicles or other production segments.

Robot YASKAWA MA2010
Positioner 2 x DK2500
Welding source LORCH S8 Robo MIG XT SQ
Cleaning station TBi BRG-2-ES-DAE
Collision sensor Yes
Maximum dimension of weldments 1 200 mm
Maximum weight of welded subassemblies 200kg

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